Ladies on menopause can often have a hard time getting through the day. Perhaps because they’re tired, anxious, losing confidence, feeling worthless, unable to concentrate, losing motivation, aching, lonely, just plain old fed up, and more.
I know, I’ve been there! That was a while ago now and my goodness, I wish I’d had access to the resources to help me get through all of the different emotions I was experiencing for the first time in my life, because I didn’t know where to look.
There’s a lot more information about menopause now, yet still every woman will benefit from the support of other women.
So ladies, what skill do you have that would benefit someone experiencing disruption in their life? Whether it’s cosmetic, physical, emotional, mental or business help they need. Can you become a lifeline for them? Your gift could be just the very solution they’re looking for!
Please contact me to list your business below, at no cost. However, if you see your skill, gift, ability, product or service already listed, sorry, I’m sticking to one person from each area.
There’s no hook, either. I expect no return at all.
This is simply for our fellow woman.

Thank you so much X

Do you want a beautiful photo of yourself?

Hi, I’m Vivienne Kane and I create beautiful photographic portraits of women.
I put you at your ease, build your confidence, bathe you in gorgeous light and always shoot to flatter. My clients trust me and know that when I say, “I’ve got you,” I mean it. X

All natural!

Hi I’m Amanda, I’m passionate about helping professional women suffering in silence with their menopausal symptoms get their mojo back.  Why, I’m 13 years and counting into surgical menopause I started to use essential oils and holistic methods to help my symptoms.  The results have been amazing, now I’m sharing them with my clients.  You are NOT cracking up, let’s chat.


Do you have a qualification in nutrition; perhaps you’re an expert in menopause? Do you think you could help a woman going through changes to alter her diet to help her cope, and to retain more of her ‘old’ self?

Fitness - wellbeing

Are you qualified to help women with their well being in terms of how efficient their body performs? Do you understand the challenges of a woman who can’t understand why she’s always tired?


Could you help to quieten a woman’s mind who can’t find the peace she’s desperate to feel? Can you teach her meditation, relaxation or perhaps help her to see another perspective?


Could you help a woman to focus away from her perceived ‘faults’ and on to the positives in her life? Can you help her to cope with her new feelings and thoughts, her new-found challenges with family and friends?

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