A tale of menopause...

In my fifties, I realised I hadn’t been living a life that truly made me happy. I had entered menopause, not realising it, and had begun a completely new chapter of my life, and it wasn’t easy. It brought many challenges. So many, in fact, that I wrote a short book about my story. It was called ‘What Happened, Where Did I Go?’ When I look back at my book and its contents, I realise just how little I did know. It was more a cry for help.

During the hardest years of menopause, I suffered with heightened anxiety and depression, and a total lack of self-esteem. It took me a long time to manage my feelings and it was at this point that I sought support, something I’d never done before but regretted not doing much sooner. I actually had to admit to myself that I couldn’t get through this alone and this was also when I learned how to be easier on myself, without expecting too much from me, while I was going through changes.

It’s interesting though, looking back, because I now realise that a lot of the ‘changes’ I underwent were brought about by my beliefs, by a mindset that had me convinced I was about to reach a time of my life where endings were in sight. Little did I know that it mostly meant that beginnings were in my near future.


My personal experience, added to the training and learning I’ve done in recent years, is the gift of empathy to those who might want to learn more about perimenopause and menopause symptoms generally. Empathy is my strong point. Honestly, I’ve been there! Just a short conversation will show you just how much I truly understand you, and just how much we can achieve together to get you to a better place.

A helping hand during menopause

There are many ways that I can help you through your unique menopause journey and if you have a challenge that I can’t help with, I’ll find the person who can. I learned a long time ago that to support fellow humans, it’s easier to work collaboratively, so within my many contacts, I’ll be able to draw upon the help of somebody for every situation. So why not ask for help? There are a host of willing people just waiting to be there for you, either in Solihull near me, or anywhere in the UK.

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