Working towards menopause

It’s probably impossible to know how long perimenopause lasts, because by the time we become aware of our symptoms, our body will have already begun its many changes some months, or even years, beforehand.

It’s usually only when symptoms are noticeably disruptive to us that makes us wonder if the process of menopause has actually begun.

Yet it’s not an overnight occurrence. Hormones fluctuate all our lives, but when the general trend is downwards, the signs of perimenopause start to become obvious.

My point is this. If we notice symptoms at age 45, the process may have begun much, much earlier, but we can’t know how much earlier. With this in mind, it’s important to understand that how we live our everyday life influences our hormones anyway, and thus, will influence our menopause experience, when it arrives.

Being mindful of how well you’re treating your whole being becomes vitally important in the run-up, and making your best effort to be kind to yourself is, for the most part, going to positively affect your subsequent years, which, hopefully, are many decades beyond menopause.

Treat yourself well. Please take full responsibility for your well-being.

I’m not a qualified clinician, dietician, or psychologist, or anything! I write based only on my own experiences, personal views, and research into menopause. Please always seek the advice of a professional. Jacky Wood

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