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The average age for perimenopause to begin is between 45 and 55, although we can experience symptoms before 45, but not relate them.  For instance, aching joints, interrupted sleep, mood changes, headaches, and other changes can occur, but if our periods are still regular, we may not make the connection.

Perimenopause can also sometimes occur later.  Some women in their late fifties can still be getting regular periods, but this isn’t so common.  Conversely, women can begin it as early as in their thirties, and younger, but these figures are also much less common, about one in a thousand women.  Research indicates that family history can be an indicator, so if your mum or grandma had an early menopause, it’s possible, that you will too, but again, not definite.

However, the best way to ensure as smooth a menopause transition as possible is to prepare.  That means from your twenties onwards to give you and your body plenty of time to get used to your new lifestyle (given that you may be living it up at that point!).  We’re talking diet and exercise, the everyday products we use, we can also add in mindset, and partner and career choice.

Diet is many things; it’s what you eat and what you drink.  It’s fairly common sense, I think, that if you eat loads of fast, processed foods that are high in sugar, high in bad fats and high in salt, your scales will show the effects over time.  It doesn’t take much; if you add 1.5 lbs to your weight every year from age 25, you’ll be a stone-and-a-half heavier at age 40.  That’s not going to be helpful at all when you reach the age where many changes are going to begin.  And that’s not to mention the damage to your body.

There’s there’s what you drink.  I know, I’m going to mention alcohol.  But years of drinking even two glasses of wine a night can increase your chance of serious illness, especially if you’re also overweight and smoke, which can also bring on an early menopause.  Have a few nights a week off the booze and drink plenty of water.  Water is unbelievably good for you anyway, but during perimenopause and beyond, it’s vital.  You just wouldn’t believe the benefits during those years for every cell of your body.

Cosmetics, toiletries, makeup.  It’s said that on average, we women use about 16 ‘beauty’ products every day.  If you were to add up all the chemicals that are used to create these ‘beauty’ products, there’d be hundreds.  Get the free THINK DIRTY app on your phone.  You’ll be shocked.  In our known, liked and trusted products, there are unspecific permitted chemicals which, over time, burden our bodies with hormone-disrupters, and you just don’t want this when you reach perimenopause.  Your hormones will be all over the place as it is.

So my advice is clean up your act and reduce as far as you possibly can the number of toxins you’re slathering onto your skin and washing down the drain.  Toxicity in your blood will reduce quickly once you start to do this.  It takes only 26 seconds for the stuff on your skin to reach your bloodstream…  I’m an Ambassador for Tropic Skincare and have the total confidence that I’m not polluting my body or the earth by using any of the products.  Check out 

Partners.  If your relationship goes awry, don’t stay in it for years unhappily.  Believe me, when you reach perimenopause and need to care for yourself, a miserable relationship is going to exacerbate any arising problems.  This is a time where you need self-care and calm; not stress which is going to drive your nervous system up the wall. I would suggest moving from a relationship that’s not serving you – and possibly not serving your partner and/or any children, too.  No, it’s not easy, but a good decision made early on might later save years of strife for everyone involved.

Your choice of career is extremely important since you’ll be involved in it for a good chunk of each day.  The same as with a relationship; if it begins to cause you anxiety, and you stop enjoying what you’re doing, please try to do something else.  Don’t hang on because you think there’s no way out.  There always is.  If you stick at something you hate, you’ll suffer in the long run and nobody wins.

Obviously, before making any serious decisions about your life, seek professional advice.

And mindset.  A positive outlook on life is a gift, to you, and to everyone around you.  You owe it to yourself to learn how to be non-critical about yourself, to have compassion for yourself and others, and to be educated as to how your body works, so you’re not comparing yourself to anyone else.

It’s all about you lovely.  Take care of you, as soon as possible X

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I’m not a qualified clinician, dietician, or psychologist.  I write based only on my own experiences and research into menopause. J Wood  

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