The wisdom of self-care, especially during menopause

In my article ‘Put Yourself First?’, I posed some questions like, “How’s your body feeling?” “How’s your mind feeling?” “How are your emotions?” and, “How do you like what you see in the mirror?”  But for those who don’t want to consider questions as searching this, just their makeup and skin care regime may be enough to think about.  I get it.

I happen to be very enthusiastic about what goes onto my skin, every-single-day.  It takes about 26 seconds for what you put on your skin to enter your bloodstream, making your daily ritual so very important for the continuous and future smooth-running of your whole body.

Consider how many times a day you either apply something to your skin, or bathe/shower in something that washes all over your body then down into the earth as it rinses away. Consider then how many years you’ve been doing that.  It’s said that women use on average no less than 16 beauty products a day, and personal care and beauty products account for a third of all landfill waste.  How many times have you bought an eye shadow palette and thrown it away with only your favourite colour all used up?  How many times have you cleared out your makeup or bathroom drawer of containers half used, or not used at all?  This applies to you and to me, by the way!

But that’s not for me any more.  When TROPIC Skin Care found me, I’d been making all these mistakes with my self-care, blindly poisoning my system – AND the ecosystem – with my daily products that I’d trusted and used for years and years.  And I hadn’t realised how slowly and imperceptibly I’d been building up the chemical burden in my body, very likely contributing to my very difficult menopause years.  I didn’t understand how chemicals in products I was using and had relied on for decades were very likely disrupting my hormones.  

Like Jeff Olson says in The Slight Edge (and I paraphrase), a ‘seemingly insignificant action, easy to do, and easy not to do, has a compound effect’. So it may not benefit or harm you today, but over time, will certainly do one or the other, especially as we perform ‘insignificant’ actions thousands of times, often without thinking.

The point I want to make is this: consider carefully the burden your body bears of processing everything you eat, drink, and use.  Ask yourself if your self-care products are pure, chemical-free, kind to you, kind to our environment, not tested on animals, and come from a company that cares about all of these things with absolute passion, who are not just in it for their profit.  

Have you heard of THINK DIRTY? It’s a free app.  Their mission is to educate consumers about toxic ingredients in personal care products.  Have a look.  You’ll be shocked.

You’re worth the scrutiny, my lovely.  

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