The long-term effects of menopause

In her wonderful book entitled ‘Menopause’, Dr Louise Newson very clearly writes about, amongst other things, signs and symptoms, time to rethink HRT, holistic treatments, coping at work and advice for all the family.

Let’s talk about osteoporosis.  Falling oestrogen affects just about everything in the body, and the bones are no exception.  It’s a living tissue that regenerates throughout our lives but after the after the age of 30, our bone tissue regrowth starts to decrease and for women, a lack of oestrogen only makes this worse.  Breaking bones from falls can become a real threat.  

Cardiovascular disease refers to conditions affecting the heart and blood vessels, the veins, arteries and capillaries.  Conditions can include angina, heart attack, stroke and vascular dementia.  Oestrogen protects our arteries and its decline is no help to us at all.  Other risk factors are being overweight, high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking or a family history of cardiovascular disease.

I’ve written before about HRT and how the latest statistics have proved that taking it can protect us against these long-term conditions. 

So please, if you’re over 45, please speak to a menopause specialist about taking HRT, or if you prefer not to take it, ensure that your diet is sound and nutritious, and a good exercise regime becomes part of your everyday life.  These self-care activities will be vital to your long-term good health.

It’s all about you lovelies.  This is your time for self-love, self-nurture and putting number one FIRST for a change!

I’m not a qualified clinician, dietician, or psychologist.  I write based only on my own experiences and research into menopause. J Wood

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