Menopause moods?

It’s short-sighted to say, “She’s in a mood,” or, “She’s menopausal,” to justify why a woman suddenly changes from peaceful to, say, angry, or tearful, short-tempered, or vice versa.

This isn’t voluntary or planned, and it’s certainly not desirable.

When our mood changes this way, it can be frightening, making us feel vulnerable and out of control. We look for reasons how it could possibly happen, especially if it’s never happened before.

There’s an explanation and it’s fluctuating hormones. Oestrogen plays a part in every area of our body and that includes the brain. The part of the brain that affects our reactions is the amygdala which can be triggered when we feel threatened or sad, for instance. Under normal circumstances, when we’re oestrogen-rich, we may be more level-head, more rational in our response. But with a lack, our reactions can become hasty and unreasonably intense.

People could always tell when I was having one of these episodes. My expression could change in an instant from resting to fierce. I honestly felt like I was turning into a monster because of the thoughts I could have and the words that spilt from me. I would be so ashamed.

Back then I had no idea how to moderate my moods; I was just afraid to leave the house or meet people.

Our hormones run our life and when they’re disrupted, everything is influenced. My message to you is, as always, please reach out. There honestly is no need to suffer, or, for that matter, make others suffer!

I’m not a qualified clinician, dietician, or psychologist, or anything! I write based only on my own experiences, personal views, and research into menopause. Please always seek the advice of a professional. Jacky Wood

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