Kindness to our earth

People, experts, gurus, coaches, yogis, etc., have been saying for a long time that change begins with one person. Me. I understand that now.

I used to be overwhelmed by negativity, violence and aggression that we see all too often around the world, and on our doorsteps, sadly. So I had to change my perspective, really to protect my mental health. I admitted that I couldn’t change the habits of people outside of my control, so that’s everybody. I’ve been guilty in the past of trying and that’s just given me anxiety!

It was me that had to change, from within. I had an awful menopause transition from floating through each day, to feeling like I wanted to check out. I now know that it was largely menopause-related. Those years taught me to be kinder to myself, put the oxygen mask on first, you know the analogy. I learned that what I put on my body was having an effect. But then I thought through to the effects that was having on our earth.

Everything I used in the bathroom was washing away into the earth, and a lot of what I threw away was going into landfill. The enormity of my actions upon the earth didn’t hit me for years. How could I miss it? I’m one person and there are billions on the earth, millions of whom having the same habits as I did.

Little by little, I changed my habits and that made me feel so much better, less guilty. Over years, research has shown that many more have also changed their habits to their own benefit, and to that of the earth. So there’s been a massive shift in our thinking, thank goodness.

The company I am an Ambassador for, Tropic Skincare, places our earth as a priority. Authentically, genuinely, unwaveringly. They are a Carbon Neutral company, having offset this for two years, making them 100% carbon-negative; currently uncommon across the globe. The production facility, The Beauty Kitchen in Surrey, is run entirely on green energy. They send zero waste to landfill. A number of the 150+ products are refillable and it is their ongoing mission to continue with more. Their packaging is all recyclable, and the ink and glue vegetable-based.  

Not a single one of their products contains toxins, having been naturally-derived, with ingredients sustainably sourced from tropical climates. To support the carbon neutral accreditation, the collection of plants and fruits, the journeys of the people who work there, the transport to the UK of these ingredients, and the journeys of the people who work in the UK, are all carbon-offset.  Furthermore, their initiatives have helped to protect 65,000 hectares of the Amazonian rainforest from unsustainable palm oil conversion.

I am proud to be a Tropic Skincare Ambassador with the ability to share their beautiful products which have all been made with love.

Using them shows love for myself and our earth. 

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