Itchy skin – menopause-related?

Yes, very much so.  I was listening to A Vogel talks Menopause earlier.  Eileen Durward was talking about this symptom that’s much more common than you’d think.

We all think about hot flushes, mood swings, violence (😉), when menopause is mentioned, but there are tens of symptoms that don’t get highlighted, and itchiness is one of them.

A fall in oestrogen decreases collagen production, and the skin’s own natural moisturising oils, and as skin gets thinner, it can get drier, and so episodes of itchiness and irritation can rise.

Also stress is a factor.  I learned a while ago that stress, worry and anxiety can cause all sorts of skin problems, I suppose because it’s our largest organ.  Stress causes histamine (an inflammatory) release that can lead to allergy symptoms.  It doesn’t cause allergies, but if you have one, it can worsen considerably when this hormone is let loose.

Sunshine can cause itchiness, too, especially given that skin may be thinner, making it less protected.  Personal care products are definitely a factor and something that should be reviewed if this is a problem for you.  Other products we use often, like washing powder/liquid, should be swapped for the least chemical alternative.

Hot water can be a culprit, ie the shower or bath, as can sweating, as in hot flushes.  And where sweating occurs that the air can’t get to, underarms, beneath tight-fitting clothes, the folds of the breasts, irritation, itching or a rash could take a hold.  Loose clothing is a no-brainer in this case.

WATER – drink enough every day!  This is really going to help with dehydration, which comes with sweating.  The NHS site says 6-8 glasses fluid a day, including tea and coffee, but I would say fluid with no additions is probably better.  I’m not the expert, but I do know that water will help with just about any menopause symptom going!

My recommendation would be to start looking at all the products you use for personal care, hair care, hand care, foot care, skincare, makeup, to see if there are any chemicals in there that could cause skin irritation.  So you’d be looking at what soap and detergent you use, antiseptic, perfumes and preservatives in toiletries or cosmetics, disinfectants, the list goes on.  The actual chemicals are many in number, and include lanolin, hydrogenated lanolin, lanolin alcohol, alcohols, masking fragrances (used to cover horrible smells in our everyday products), formaldehyde, parabens, dyes, SLS, ……

Here’s something to cheer you up.  Of more than 40,000 chemicals used in consumer products (in the US), less than 1% have been rigorously tested for human safety.

😟I rest my case.  Please look at Tropic Skincare.  You are WORTH IT! 💖

I’m not a qualified clinician, dietician, or psychologist, or anything! I write based only on my own experiences, personal views, and research into menopause. Please always seek the advice of a professional. Jacky Wood

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