Can we change our DNA?

For years, science has believed, and we’ve been taught, that our DNA dictates our lives.

So if either of our parents, or someone in our immediate family, has a tendency towards a habit, a look, a characteristic, an illness, we wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that we may have or develop a tendency displaying the same signs or symptoms.

But science has moved on since this old belief and it’s moved on considerably.  It’s now been proved, scientifically (and you know scientists, they don’t believe anything that hasn’t been proved beyond doubt) that we can change our own DNA by thought alone.  

I’m a huge fan of Gregg Braden and watch him on YouTube, usually when I’m getting ready in the mornings.  Half an hour of his ‘Hidden Links’ gets my mind racing.  This is where this new science has been revealed to me.

We already know that lifestyle affects our DNA; diet, exercise, flexibility, and now it’s proven that our thoughts are also responsible for our quality and length of life.

I’m no scientist and wouldn’t go into the details here, as I’m at risk of representing them inaccurately, but in short, each of our chromosomes has something called a telomere attached at the end and these are responsible for protecting genetic information during cell division.  But each time a cell divides, the telomere gets shorter, which then dictates how long our life will be.  That’s the end of my scientific bit.

You’d need to dig a little to understand more, and I’ve put a link at the bottom, but talking to friends and loved ones, being mindful and using calming strategies to alleviate stress, having positive instead of negative thinking, all helps to maintain the length of the telomere.  The opposite is also true; being stressful and negative may have the effect of shortening the telomere.

Fascinated?  It shows that any attempt at being kind to yourself, allowing self-nurture and letting love into your life could be the best decision you’ll ever make.  You deserve excellent health and happiness.

It’s all about you, because if you’re happy, those around you will be happier too! X

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