Brain fog (I think it’s menopause…)

My mind was always sharp, but in my 50s, it took a turn for the worse. Actually, it was probably in my 40s. I just didn’t realise that brain fog was catching up on me. But catch up it did, cruelly. 

I’d always loved multi-tasking, energetically bouncing from one project to another, smugly confident in my abilities. But I was never arrogant.  No, I just loved everything I did so very much, and I had considerable responsibility as a senior PA to the chair of a very reputable and established business.  I was so bubbly and excitable! 

Until latterly, and I’d changed jobs a couple of times, my enthusiasm alone wasn’t enough to maintain my acuteness. I now had to work harder at clarity, had to slow down more, and become more organised on paper or in a diary, rather than just keeping everything in my head. 

Going forward, this didn’t improve. I know now that my fluctuating and eventual loss of oestrogen had slowly contributed to me being confident in handling only one task at a time. I’m now capable of much more, but I no longer put pressure on myself, keeping my personal expectations to a minimum, so I don’t feel disappointed in me on a daily basis. 

Earlier this year, I made a decision to drop one business to concentrate on being simply a Tropic Skincare Ambassador, so that once again I would feel the pride that I did when I had everything under control and felt like I’d accomplished every day.

Brain fog is a natural part of approaching menopause, and beyond, but you get used to having different capabilities, ONCE you learn to be patient with yourself and not get exasperated because things don’t seem to come so easily as they once did, or ideas as quickly as before.  You may find that your coping strategies will have to be ramped up.

All this will make you a stronger woman, more capable than ever because you’ve overcome difficulty.  You’ll come through it with a more rounded approach to life, having defeated a very annoying problem.

Look after yourself, be patient, be kind, it passes.  I’m here to chat about it if it’ll help X

I’m not a qualified clinician, dietician, or psychologist.  I write based only on my own experiences and research into menopause. J Wood

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