Jacky Wood

Menopause moods?

It’s short-sighted to say, “She’s in a mood,” or, “She’s menopausal,” to justify why a woman suddenly changes from peaceful to, say, angry, or tearful, short-tempered, or vice versa. This isn’t voluntary or planned, and it’s certainly not desirable. When our mood changes this way, it can be frightening, making us feel vulnerable and out …

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Being strong during menopause?

It took me a while to realise that I wasn’t going to make it alone. Let’s see now…. ❌Relationship: not going well; loneliness growing ❌Occupation: not going well; loss of memory increasing ❌Mum’s dementia: progressing rapidly ❌Self-care: non-existent ❌Diet: fast with little nourishment ❌Exercise: not going ❌Drinking: going really well I was doing the exact …

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