Am I too old to…..?

When my menopause symptoms were at their worst, I landed a job with a young, ambitious property developer. The team, all in their twenties and thirties, meant I was a lot older than the average age so right off, I felt like ‘the oldest one in the company’. But my age hadn’t, until that point, really troubled me, so this should be easy, shouldn’t it? But no, this was different. 

As I got involved in the role, which was during my perimenopause, what increased my feelings of incredible discomfort among my younger colleagues were the six(plus)-times-an-hour hot flushes, accompanied by never feeling clean, the intense feelings of anxiety, the irrational bouts of anger, the frightening episodes of complete memory loss, the need to run and scream, because I didn’t know how to handle these unbelievably embarrassing and terrifying experiences that I’d never come across in my life before, ever.

At first, I tried hard to hide everything I felt.  That was incredibly difficult.  I had no idea the amount of stress I was putting my body under, just to appear ‘normal’ to my colleagues.  By the time a few months had passed, I had reached the point of not wanting to get out of bed or leave the house.  I really wanted to curl up with a bottle of vodka, dive into it and stay there for ever.  Thank goodness time passed, my life changed and over the years I grew strong again.

However, with feelings of vulnerability and ageism now firmly embedded, even though I’d reached a point in life of accepting myself, when I looked at becoming a Tropic Ambassador a couple of years ago, I thought I’d be too old. Thank goodness I couldn’t have been more wrong. My customers are my age, some younger, some older. This incredible journey is for anyone, any age, from every background, race, or colour, and with or without ‘relevant’ experience. 

Why not contact me to learn more?  Or take a look at this page on my site to see how you can benefit from joining our gorgeous Tropic family!

It’s all about you my lovely X

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